Weston and Co is an interior design and styling company driven to bring you stylish, beautiful spaces.

Nathalie has lived and worked around the globe and she interprets this broad design ethic into her work.While her signature look is eclectic, colourful and fresh, each home she styles is unique, reflecting the owners’ lives and personalities. Nathalie brings a meticulously practical eye to creating a home fit for both comfort and style.

Her passion for beautiful things coupled with a rigorous design background is her sourcing inspiration for each project. She brings back vintage finds from her travels, hunts down talented new designers, or commissions handcrafted furniture to fit your space perfectly.

Her projects range from tiny pads, to far flung villas and family homes.

Our design philosophy:

We believe in chandeliers.

We believe in the innate coolness of blue.

We believe wallpaper is the future.

We believe in first impressions.

We believe in the transformative power of paint.

We believe plastic table cloths should be wiped out.

We believe that children deserve style too.


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